Our Vision

Science imagines a culture of utopia, a culture of logically meeting means and ends. However, the perception of science and the way cultural and public accommodations interact and entangle with science make it challenging to imagine the ideal world for everyone. For this gap to be addressed, it becomes crucial that we bring all the stakeholders at one platform to share their vision about the scientific future of the country and the people. We want the vision for the scientific future of humankind to enfold with sustained dialogues. Discussions and debates where we are on the same side, untying the knot together.

As we step closer to the becoming of the 21st century, we encounter that the future of the human race is in the reigns of scientific advancement collaboration, education and policy. Life Lab Foundation provides a platform, a forum of the key stakeholders from the government, academia, scientific community, and the youth brought together to imagine scientific futures and design programs that help us achieve our goal. The Foundation strives todemocratise the system of inquiry, reform, and development through scientific advancement by diversifying the logic of narrative and bringing equity and tangible outcomes in the public discourse. It also ensures a collective responsibility distributed equally amongst its stakeholders.

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